Highlight Film (Average length 5-7 minutes)

Our highlight is a short video that is heavily edited and synced with music overlay. This style video can be done in various ways, but typically jumps around highlighting different parts of the day to tell a story and gives a recap of the entire event. It will typically include (but is not limited to) the bride and groom getting ready, the ceremony, the special dances and speeches at the reception, and the sendoff. Multiple cameras are used, including drones, to capture unique perspectives of the wedding and are cut into a cinematic and beautiful highlight of the wedding.   


Short Story (Average length 9-12 minutes)

All of the things that make a highlight video entertaining and beautiful are included in the Short Story edit. More of the ceremony and reception are included and it gives a more complete story of your beautiful day!  It will include (but is not limited to) the bride and groom getting ready, the ceremony, the special dances and speeches at the reception, and the sendoff. Multiple cameras are used, including drones, to capture all of those special moments that you will remember forever! 


Save the Date

We love to tell stories! We would love to create a short film for you that shows your unique love for each other! This can be done in any number of ways, and we love to be creative with it! If you have ideas of how you would like to make a Save the Date video, we would love to bring them to life! 


Teaser Video (NEXT DAY EDIT Average Length = 1 minute)

This is a great short video that gives a sneak peek into some of the footage from the day and is typically done within a day (no more than 72 hours) of the wedding so the couple can share it on social media or with friends and family as a short recap of the day. We can do this in a few different ways and would love to talk to you more about what you would like to see the day after your wedding! 



This can be added in addition to another film that we deliver to you of your beautiful wedding. We include coverage of the entire ceremony from start to finish with 3-5 camera angles. The ceremony will be filmed in a documentary style which will play through in real time. The final video will be the same length of time as the ceremony. Audio from any external recorders, or lavaliere microphones, will be synchronized with the video and included for crisp and accurate audio of the ceremony and vows including any special speakers. 


Special Dances and Speeches from the Reception

We include coverage of all of the speeches and special dances from the reception filmed from multiple camera angles separately from the highlight/Short Story video. The audio is captured with external recorders to ensure that the message is being delivered clearly and exactly how it was on your beautiful day!


Special Messages(Video Guestbook)

We take additional time during the cocktail hour, and the reception to speak with your guests and record any special messages or well wishes that they may have for you on your wedding day. We were often getting the same generic responses from guests, so we came up with a list of questions that we ask at random to get those truly candid and amazing responses that you will want to have forever! We can ask them anything you like!


Full 4K Delivery

We typically deliver all of our films in 1080p high definition, and they look amazing, but for our clients that want that additional resolution, or to "future proof" your film, full 4k resolution is for you. 


Additional hours

We include 8 - 10 hours of coverage, however additional hours may be added if needed.