We have an attention to detail and will take great time in understanding what you would like to see in your final film. We learn what is most important to you in your wedding. Using multiple cameras, and the latest in audio recording technology throughout the day to ensure that we capture all of those beautiful and special moments that you will want to remember forever! 



At inFocus Productions we are committed to our craft. That means investing in our education and our gear regularly to make sure that we have what it takes to capture your day in all of its beauty! Technology is always advancing, and we are very involved in the videography community to stay current with the latest tech and what it can do to make your wedding film more beautiful and less intrusive. We are passionate about what we do, and would love the opportunity to show you! 



inFocus Productions is fully licensed and insured and can provide documentation or extend coverage to specific venues upon request.


Drone coverage  

We bring the drone to each event and typically only fly it in the morning before anyone arrives. We do this for two reasons. The first is safety, we will never fly over crowds or near guests. Significant advances in drone technology and safety have been made over the last few years, however, we prefer to fly with no one around to ensure that if something were to go wrong, that the safety of your guests would never be compromised. The second reason we fly in the morning before guests arrive is so that we don't take any attention away from your special day! Our job is to be discreet, and capture your day with minimal interference, and flying a drone can draw a lot of attention away from what is truly important. 


Reserving your date

We politely request a 30% non-refundable retainer to reserve your wedding date. We like things that are simple and efficient, and to keep things simple, our invoicing software marks our calendar automatically for us once the retainer is paid and your date is officially reserved! 


We love to travel! We are often asked how far we travel to film a wedding, and the answer is as far as you need us to! We would love to help capture your wedding, no matter where it is located. We even offer discounts on destination weddings to make it a little easier on your budget, and we love seeing new places! Let us know where you plan on getting married and we'll be there!